The Sunshine File

A few things from my sunshine file

I was talking to my sister on the phone last week, and she mentioned her “sunshine file”. Well, since my word of the year is “light”, naturally I was curious.

A sunshine file is a place-–possibly an actual file folder, maybe a box, or a drawer–where you keep things that bring sunshine into your life: thoughtful thank you notes, kind words from friend or strangers (cards or letters from them or compliments jotted down on a scrap of paper so you don’t forget), postcards of places you love, drawings or artwork from your children, favorite scriptures, little mementos that people have given you, or handouts from church lessons that spoke to you. Anything that brings light to your life that you might otherwise throw away can be kept in a sunshine file and revisited when you need a pick me up.

I have just started my file. I don’t plan to keep everything in it forever. I’m trying to avoid cluttering my life with too many things, so I will rotate things out as I add new things in.

Sometimes remembering happy memories for a minute or two or feeling that you are loved and valued is all you need to bring light to your life on a dark day.


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